Why Choose Us

Malone Group is an International project management and safety business with an outstanding reputation in industry. We are recognised as a business that brings valuable skills, experience and creative solutions to challenging projects. Some of the key reasons why our customers enjoy working with us include:


  1. Understanding of your challenges – Although we work with leading brands and global businesses, in reality, we work with people. We understand the different challenges and pressures you may face in your role. We listen to you and your team; provide our independent advice and work collaboratively to deliver a practical solution. Our team believes in going the extra mile to ensure that you are not just satisfied but delighted with the quality of our work.


  1. Great people to work with – We believe in building great working relationships with your team in a collaborative working environment. Our team are approachable and knowledgeable. There is regular communication to keep our your stakeholders fully informed. It provides you with the confidence, comfort and assurance that allows you to focus on your core business operation.


  1. Flexible approach – We offer a flexible approach to project management, delivery and reporting to suit your requirements. This approach of not imposing a fixed project management structure when you may already have defined project processes internally can be highly valuable. Our flexible approach reduces your administrative burden and makes project management and reporting more efficient.


  1. Solution oriented company – Although an engineering and safety project delivery company, we are regarded by many as a solution-oriented company. We take an engineering/ safety problem and work with you to deliver an innovative, efficient and practical solution. In doing so, we also focus on delivering a wider impact on the overall business, through efficiencies, cost reductions, optimisation, etc.


  1. Valuable collective team experience – We use the collective experience of our team in different industry sectors and the various engineering capabilities to your benefit when delivering your project. This enables us to utilise specialist skills to solve specific problems and learn from the collective experience to apply best practice to each individual project.


At Malone Group, we are committed to delivering successful projects for you to enable your business to thrive.