Control and Automation

A range of Process Automation Services for new and existing installations across multiple industries is available, with independent systems integration with the capability to work across different PLC, HMI and SCADA platforms both modern and legacy including Siemens, Rockwell, Mitsubishi, Omron, ProLeiT, GEM and other bespoke systems.


We are experienced in interfacing business systems to include reporting, scheduling and database reporting.  With the backup of a process engineering team we can ensure effective plant control, increased efficiency and production critical information.


·        System Integration Design

·        Process Control Solutions

·        Obsolescence Surveys and improvement upgrades

·        Reverse Engineering

·        Development of Functional and Software Design Specifications

·        Visualisation development of HMI, SCADA and bespoke systems

·        Data Management and Collection

·        Programming and process control support

·        Control panel design

·        Commissioning Support

·        Remote access support

·        Change implementation and management

·        Turnkey Process and Automation Solution


System Integration Design

We manage the full project lifecycle for system integration starting with a User Requirement Specification (URS) leading into a Functional Design Specification (FDS) and I/O lists.  Code is developed in accordance with the software design specification (SDS) using trusted code libraries and standards and to S88 when required.

Offline simulation prior to installation and commissioning reduces installation time and cost, minimalization of real-time issues with a detailed simulation model.  We also provide office based training using simulation facilities.

In conjunction with our process team we keep up to date with new technologies for improved solutions


Process Control Solutions

We design new processes and optimise of existing processes supported by our mechanical and process engineering team.  This is carried out by our inhouse teams embedding knowledge providing redundancy and backup.


Obsolescence Surveys and improvement upgrades

Obsolescence is one of the greatest challenges and concerns for customers.  Obsolescence relates to PLC hardware, SCADA and HMI equipment, to control panel equipment, cabling and instrumentation and control devices.   Obsolescence problems generally lead to excessive downtime as parts are not often available.

Our services begin with site wide control systems surveys to document installed base with obsolescence risk assessments supported by migration plans for key equipment.

This involves the replacement of legacy systems with detailed installation, migration and commissioning plans to minimise disruption.


Reverse Engineering

Where original software or designs are unavailable it is necessary to reverse engineer the original installation to redesign and write new code.

With vast experience and knowledge of bespoke equipment and system, we can provide a viable and future proofed solution.


Visualization development of HMI, SCADA and bespoke systems

We are familiar with a wide range of the most popular visualization packages including IFIX, Wonderware, WinCC, Factorytalk as well as all Rockwell and Siemens HMI displays.    Bespoke system integration can also be provided.


Data Management and Collection

Using the latest SQL server technology and OEM development packages, we can provide real-time data analytics of any piece of equipment or plant for use with SCADA frontends.

This can include factory data such as costs, efficiencies or equipment performance highlighting areas where investment is best targeted.


Programming and process control support

We can provide programming and process control support services to supplement an existing team or to fill a skills gap.


Commissioning Support

Commissioning often requires additional resources for a short term intensive period.   This can include activities including FAT, SAT and performance trials.


Remote access support

We provide real-time remote monitoring with on demand issue diagnostics and resolution in conjunction with equipment such as an eWON VPN device.  This can be provided in the form of:

·        OEM equipment support

·        24/7 access to a suitably qualified systems engineer

·        Development of customers’ engineers with the provision of focused training

·        Development of site standard and automation strategies


Change implementation and management

The management and validation of changes in a controller manner is essential to ensuring proper code management.   We can introduce Change Control procedures to track modifications are appropriate and comply with the relevant standard.


Turnkey Process and Automation Solution

Working with the process engineering team, we can offer full turnkey design, integration and build for skids such as CIPs and other process plant