Achieving CDM 2015 regulation compliance in Food Manufacturing

Providing expert CDM services including for Principal Designer and Principal Contractor roles to ensure CDM compliance on a major capital project for a large food processing company


Need for client representation PD and PC for CDM compliance

A food processing company known for its breakfast cereal is also one of the major manufacturers of generic cereals for major supermarkets. The company is Head Quartered in the UK and has 3 manufacturing plants, employing around 2000 people and exporting to 80 countries. The company had construction projects at one of its sites for which it required client representation. The roles and duties that required to be fulfilled included Construction Design and Management (CDM) to comply with the CDM2015 regulation, to ensure the management of health and safety of the construction projects. Along with a CDM role, the company also had to make appointments for the Principal Designer (PD) and Principal Contractor (PC) roles.


Providing PD and PC support and ensuring safe delivery of projects

The customer engaged Malone Group to provide support in setting up CDM processes and controls to ensure compliance with the legislation. The business was embarking on a major capital project, where multiple contractors were being deployed on site. Malone Group was engaged as the Client Representative and worked with the contracting companies. The initial review of current practices by the team identified significant deficiencies that would need to be addressed to ensure compliance with the CDM legislation. At that time the PD role was a new role under the CDM 2015 regulations to lead and manage health and safety during the pre-construction stage, design plan stage and through design risk management with the focus on eliminating risk at the planning stage of the project. The PC, on the other hand, was typically not appointed until 3 to 4 weeks before construction would begin. The PC’s role was to ensure safety during the construction stage of the project.


During the project, Malone Group implemented an e-permit contractor management software solution that enabled the seamless management of contractors onsite and the required permits to work. The PC was responsible for liaising with the construction teams and holding meetings with defined agendas with contractors during the construction stage.


Implementing contractor management system to enable on-going compliance

As client representative, Malone Group supported the customer in implementing the new system and appointing the right people to the key roles. We built the entire system around the achievement of health and safety goals and provided the technical support and documentation of the management systems established.


At any one time, the plant could have in excess of 50+ projects being implemented onsite with over 1000 contractors working from 13 resident contracting companies. As a result, having a consistent approach to capital project process flow was critical to the business. Having developed the contractor management system, we trained the internal team on the processes and control and how these aligned with CDM construction regulations.


Our approach ensured that there was a clear understanding of roles and responsibilities around capital projects and transparency and consistency in capital project management. Most important of all, the final processes ensured that the business was not only compliant with the legislation but achieved its KPIs on eliminating incidents and accidents onsite.

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