Consumer Health

Malone Group has an extensive wealth of experience and knowledge in providing project solutions in the healthcare sector.  With many of our experts having hands on experience within this market with blue chip companies
The breadth of our knowledge extends to:


  • Multi-staged manufacturing processes and numerous different manufacturing mixing capabilities
  • Emulsification and blending of products
  • Smooth and inclusion products
  • Storage and distribution of flammable liquid systems
  • Filtration technologies
  • Pressure and vacuum processes
  • Raw materials handling and extraction technologies
  • Batch and continuous cooking methods
  • Regulatory experience and audit knowledge for bodies such as MHRA
  • CIP and demineralised water technologies
  • Manufacturing of high and low viscosity products
  • High speed bottle and tub packaging lines
  • Pouch and tubing filling equipment
  • Vision systems and OCR (character recognition systems)
  • Experience in all dosage forms from volumetric to flow-metered systems