Malone Group excels in partnering with pharmaceutical companies to support their project and engineering functions. With experience in API, finishing, OSD, and Biotech plants, we understand the requirements working in live highly regulated environments.

Our strong track record in safety and project management also allows us to understand the driving force behind many of the projects we would work on. We have a flexible approach which means as CAPEX budgets change from year to year we adapt and respond to our customers’ needs.  

Our different project model and areas of expertise include:


  • Managed Service & PMO – Design, manage and supply resources for capital projects. In some cases, we are outsourced partner with sole responsibility for CAPEX.
  • Design – We specialise in utility design for pharm plants focused on reducing carbon footprint and costs, and have a strong expertise in this area
  • Project Safety – All our projects require construction safety support, as result we have an extensive safety team that complement our design and project engineers right throughout the project lifecycle.