Malone Group Audit App

Malone Group has developed an auditing app for site audits and inspections.  Our iPhone and iPad Audit App speeds up the process of performing audits, checklist and inspections by providing customised audit templates. The user completes the audit with the option of emailing a PDF before leaving site.
All audits are configured to customer requirements.  The process is simple; download the app from the iTunes store, request an account setup and provide your logo and audit templates.   Log in with the username and password provided by Malone Engineering Group, and gain instant access to these audit templates.   
The user selects the template they wish to complete and answer the questions. Our Audit App allows users to answer questions with Yes, No, N/A; there is also the option to take a photo, annotate a photo and add a comment. A user can even add their signature to the report digitally. Once finished, the user saves the audit for editing later, or can save and close the audit. 
A PDF report is created once an audit is completed which can be emailed directly from the app to recipients. Users of the Audit App are able to conduct audits in a fast and timely manner without the need to return to the office to write up the report. The PDF report is professional and displays information in a logical format.
To download the Malone Group Audit App go to the iTunes, search ‘Malone Audit’.  
For more info go to            
Login using with the password ‘malone’ to access a sample audit. 
To learn more contact