Lean Offerings

Lean Manufacturing
Malone Group sources many of its engineers and project managers from operational backgrounds.  They are familiar with manufacturing processes and the need to have equipment and processes operating as efficiently as possible to deliver value for their owner.  Similarly, utilities supplying these processes should be operating as efficiently and as effectively as possible as otherwise it is money and resources wasted.
We can undertake process line efficiency assessments to reduce waste and improve produce quality to drive OEE across manufacturing lines.  This is achived through, root casue analysis, 5 Whys and 1 How, Value Stream mapping and Kaizen techniques.
Our specialities are food and drink processes and any manufacturing utilising, steam or compressed air.
Lean Utilities
Malone Group can undertake surveys of the utility services and highlight areas where savings can be made and waste reduced.  We can do this in a practical manner understanding the payback periods that most companies other within.
Our data suggests that many firms are needlessly paying 12% more in electricity bills than is necessary.  With an electricity bill of £1 million this equates to £120,000 per annum off the bottom line.  Is this good business? No, it is wasteful of your money and our natural resources.  Electricy is being used that doesn’t need to be used which may mean it doesn’t need to be generated.
According to the Carbon Trust 2012:
  • at least 80% of industrial applications use compressed air
  • typcially 10% of industrial electrical consumption is used to compress air
Given that 25-35% of compressed air is wasted through leaks there are opportunities for companies to make substantial savings on their electrical bill.
It is a similar situation with steam and condensate systems.  Many companies are not recovering condensate efficiently and thus giving away money.  Through appropriate recovery and efficiency adaptations the sytem can be made more effective and save money on utility bills.
These are hard savings that benefit the business but will utilimately also benefic the environment and thus contribute towards your sustainability policy.
Malone Group can take, investiage, analyse and highlight the potential savings that are policy.  We can generate a business case for you and take the project through to completion.