Master Planning

Due to our vast and varied in-house experience we have been invited to advise customers on the mechanical and electrical aspects when they are planning large multi-year developments.  

Our speciality areas include;
  • Energy systems
  • Heating and cooling
  • Distribution systems
  • Storage solutions
  • HVAC
  • Lighting
  • Waste management and recycling solutions
  • Water management and recycling solutions
  • Renewable energy installations
Our customers value our pragmatic approach and ability to propose innovative solutions.  
We then have the capability to take that vision and turn it into a realised solution.  
The M&E aspect of campus, estate and town master-planning should not be an after thought but an integral part of the process.  Malone Group works with architects and developers to bring buildings and facilities to life.
Master planning ranges from aspirational visions of what might be possible to more  short term, practical solutions for large scale developments.  Malone Group is comfortable operating in either scenario and brings value to any master planning team.  Our team brings years of specialist, general and diverse experience.  
Our solutions always consider the customer, the user, the public or third parties who have to interface with the facility and the health and safety implications of the design on the operation of the facility.
The mechanical and electrical services we design for bringing life to the space, building or facility and enable to it contribute to the welfare of society or the value of the business.