Remote Drafting

Malone Group provides a range of integrated engineering design disciplines including; Process, Mechanical, Electrical, Control and Instrumentation, Piping and Civil.
We  have a  unique business model for our engineering services in Alberta. We  provide our drafting services from within our Ireland and UK office base, this allows our Albertan alliance partners/clients the benefits of using our skilled expertise and benefits of english speaking engineers at a substantially lower cost than the local Albertan market.
We see ourselves as a support/alliance partner company to local Albertan companies that are striving to grow their business but are at capacity with their local pool of skilled professionals. 
Feasibility Studies 
Technology, commercial, hazard and environmental studies to confirm feasibility or identify the preferred options. Produce an ’order of magnitude’ capital cost estimate to confirm commercial viability.
Conceptual Design
Establishment of process engineering concept based on the best available technology, defined cost and estimates for financial assessment.
Front End Engineering & Design-Development of process concept up to ‘P&ID’ status, including heat and mass balances, equipment datasheets, HAZOP safety reviews and plot plans to facilitate accurate cost estimates.
Detailed Design
Detailed design of the process plant, including procurement specifications for all equipment and construction drawings.