Contractor Management Services - ePermit

Malone Group provides innovative technology solutions as part of our contractor management services to help your business efficiently manage Permit to Work systems and improve safety management on-site.


Poor contractor management systems and practices can often result in on-site incidents and breach of EHS regulations. This can result in serious financial, operational and reputational damage to your business. On large manufacturing sites there are typically many major and minor projects running simultaneously. In these environments, it can be difficult for businesses to manage the sheer volume of permits to work, typically through manual processes and this can be a leading cause of safety incidents on-site.


Implementation of an effective and efficient permit-to-work system is critical in maintaining health and safety (H&S) standards and managing EHS compliance. Malone Group uses SafePermit; an ePermit contractor management solution. It is a best-in-class technology focused on contractor management which facilitates calendar integration, clash prevention, risk assessment, training requirements and email approval processes. The system has been developed through a collaboration of safety and operations professionals.


As part of our contractor management services, we help your business to transition your existing, mainly manual systems to this efficient cloud based system. It enables your business to instantly have a full overview of all work taking place on site, immediately identify conflicts and temporarily “lock out” areas on-site so no permits to work can be raised. It also ensures that through SafePermit no approval or compliance steps in the Permit to Work process are bypassed, no safety requirements are overlooked, and no unqualified contract personnel are working on site.


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