Process Safety Management

Malone Group provides an experienced team of Process Safety Management professionals that enable your business to achieve regulatory compliance, improve reliability and increase operational efficiency in production processes. Our team of safety specialists have extensive experience of delivering safety systems in highly regulated production environments.


Working collaboratively with your team, we assess and identify risks, protect your employees, your facility, and the wider public from any potentially dangerous or hazardous process. Our teams of process safety management professionals include process and safety engineers with experience of working in multiple industry sectors, providing breadth and depth of expertise in this business-critical area. We understand the regulatory compliance requirements for your specific industry sector.


Our team takes a broader approach to process safety management, by considering the dependence of process safety on the people factor – so we work with your key stakeholders to build an organisational culture of safety and to develop staff awareness. This wider focus ensures that the process safety measures are fully adopted within your organisation’s operational environment and that your senior management and employees are all aware of their responsibilities to achieve the overall objectives.