Project Safety Management

Our team of specialist safety engineers and professionals enables your business to develop and maintain a safe working environment on your key engineering projects, to ensure EHS compliance and avoid investigations or potentially reputational damage. 


Whether it is a specific engineering project or as part of business operations, there is a requirement to maintain safe and compliant systems under the health and safety legislation. Safety management needs to be planned, managed, monitored and audited on regular basis. Our focus is on creating and encouraging a safety culture throughout your organisation.


Tapping into an external pool of highly skilled resources in safety management provides your organisation with more flexibility, ensures quick response times to your requirements and reduces your fixed overhead costs.


Malone Group has developed an extensive range of best-in-class safety tools and methodologies to deliver safety management. This includes involving all stakeholders in the safety process through toolbox talks, briefings, inductions, etc. We also carry out independent investigations and ensure effective corrective actions are taken, perform regular (project) safety audits and monitor the use of personal protective equipment.


Our safety management teams have experience of working in a wide variety of industry environments and understand the specific compliance requirements of each of these sectors including food and beverage, pharmaceutical, energy and utilities.