Safety Management

Malone Group provides a range of project and design based safety services for a broad spectrum of customers.
Our safety team has a unique set of project skills resulting from the close integration between our safety and engineering departments, resulting in world class safety management services that are well informed and grounded in best practice, with engineering support.
We use a wide range of tools developed from experience to achieve the best standards in safety to deliver zero harm projects. The key to this is the ability to listen to our customers and deliver services based on the best professionals, the best systems, and best in class technology.
Safety is primarily about people and problem solving and companies serious about safety start early during a project lifecycle.  For us this begins at the conceptual phase of the projects, through to design, looking at implementation, maintenance and operations.  Safety has to be part of the process and as soon as an idea of a project comes to light, the safety team get involved at a high level.  
We encourage a culture of listening and helping customers to be compliant in the first instance, but doing this in a way which is productive and adds value.
We have developed accredited training around construction safety management and developed bespoke systems for safety project management along with other guidance tools.
We also devised a specific suite of tools around managing safety in design, meaning that design what you make with safety in mind, and have the system to manage the process once people are introduced
We use technology to assist us in safety management such as cloud based permit to work, contactor control, contractor management, live auditing and contactor evaluation systems.
Our services include:
  • Project Safety Management 
  • Safety Management for maintenance and operations
  • Process Safety 
  • Safety Management Systems for manufacturing