Headhunting Projects

Malone Group provide headhunting services for your business when you require highly qualified professionals with specific in-demand skills.

Smart, efficient and safe full-service project delivery for international organisations

By assigning Malone Group the headhunting projects, you can be assured that you will be provided with highly sought after individuals with the right skills and cultural fit for your business.

We use a range of tools and recruitment best practices to identify ideal candidates for you that meet your specific criteria. We maintain your confidentiality and discreetly search for the best-suited senior level candidates for you. As some of the most desirable professionals are not active in the job search market, identifying such individuals and attracting them for the available roles requires specialist experience and skills.

Our consultants bring a valuable understanding of the engineering recruitment market and the specific requirements of your specific industry sector e.g. food & beverage, pharmaceutical, energy and utilities.

We are a business that brings valuable skills, experience and creative solutions to challenging projects. We’d love to talk about your Recruitment options.

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