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Malone Group provides executive search and selection services to address your business needs and enable you to recruit & retain the best senior leaders with the right cultural fit for your organisation.

Smart, efficient and safe full-service project delivery for international organisations

A comprehensive consulting technique which is designed to identify, attract and then secure highly skilled, often quite rare individuals or experienced senior executives for demanding and challenging roles. Malone Group’s team of executive search consultants has the right networks and experience to help your business find the right mix of senior engineering executives.

At Malone Group, once a search job is assigned, an individual consultant will be personally responsible for all aspects of the search assignment, particularly the front line contact and meeting with candidates. We do not employ researchers as junior consultants, nor do we pass on the interviewing of candidates to others within our organisation. Once an assignment has been granted, your assigned consultant handles all key aspects of the project.

The starting point of our approach to executive search and selection at Malone Group is to work with you to prepare a comprehensive brief to ensure a full understanding of the competencies and cultural values required for the role. Then, together with our research team, we identify target companies and the right candidates to be approached. We never directly approach candidates in client companies unless by agreement with that particular client.

We provide you with detailed interim reports illustrating the depth and reach of our search and final search reports.

Shortlisted candidates are presented to you with detailed curriculum vitae, significant additional background information and consultant recommendations. References and qualifications are checked in advance.

Finally, we will assist at the offer stage and with the integration of the successful candidate into your company.

We are a business that brings valuable skills, experience and creative solutions to challenging projects. We’d love to talk about your Recruitment options.

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