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Offering a service that provides you with an excellent means of identifying individuals who match your requirement.

Initially we work our extensive database of high calibre professionals, then providing you with a selection of qualified potential candidates. This works on a ‘success only’ basis and has no financial impact until the start date of the successful applicant.

Key Points

• Identification candidates from database.
• Search and networking facilities.
• Contacting and screening of identified candidates to assess suitability and fit for the role.
• Only screened and qualified candidates will be presented for your vacancy.

Interim can add immediate value to an organisation, through delivering change, strategic management advice, implementing new systems, managing key projects or simply maintaining existing business by covering unforeseen departures or spikes in your business activity.

Providing experienced specialist contractors, Engineer, Operations and senior level Interim Managers who are experts within their field. We are able to effectively impacted and supply personnel that thrive in new environments and have the existing skill set and capacity to adapt to your organisational situation or project quickly, and deliver results

Key Points

  • Contracting is typically agreed on a fixed term basis and professional contractors work to a daily rate.
  • Temporary work is a non-fixed period of employment is usually paid on an agreed hourly rate.

Our managed service, assume responsibility for the resourcing, it infuses best practice you’re your business requirements.

provide significant support, especially in times of rapid growth and/or business change. By deploying efficient processes from day one. Our managed service teams become the central point of contact, we offer an on-site managed service solution or a satellite service.


Key Points

  • Efficient Process
  • Risk Mitigation
  • Transparent and visual control
  • Cost-effective long-term talent banks
  • Brand management, mirrored recruitment processes

The service seeks out high quality candidates by combining carefully targeted advertising with thorough database searches. It’s a process that is effectively time managed and works to dead line and a exclusivity period.

This process identifies both individuals who are actively considering a career move, as well as those who would be receptive to hearing about roles which align with their career aspirations.

Key Points

  • Identification of the most efficient advertising media.
  • Crafted copywriting handling the response and enquiries.
  • Interviewing the best candidates.
  • Delivering a short list of carefully profiled candidates.

We start by profiling the perfect candidate with you to create an understanding that goes beyond the normal assumptions. If the post is particularly sensitive in terms of team dynamics we can offer to profile your existing team for preferred working styles and attitudinal predispositions.

Locating the talent pool…

These leading professionals are often fully focused on their role with their current employer and are not necessarily actively in the market. Malone group therefore employs advanced networking and headhunting process to pro-actively find the most effective people. We maintain a number of talent pipelines and networks that gives us access to today’s t best talent

Understanding Potential Candidates…

We are able to evaluate and mirror the businesses

We are a business that brings valuable skills, experience and creative solutions to challenging projects. We’d love to talk about your Resourcement options.

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