Consumer Health

Malone Group has an extensive wealth of experience and knowledge in providing project solutions in the healthcare sector.

Smart, efficient and safe full-service project delivery for international organisations

With many of our experts having hands on experience within this market with blue chip companies, the breadth of our knowledge extends to:

  • Multi-staged manufacturing processes and numerous different manufacturing mixing capabilities
  • Emulsification and blending of products
  • Smooth and inclusion products
  • Storage and distribution of flammable liquid systems
  • Filtration technologies
  • Pressure and vacuum processes
  • Raw materials handling and extraction technologies
  • Batch and continuous cooking methods
  • Regulatory experience and audit knowledge for bodies such as MHRA
  • CIP and demineralised water technologies
  • Manufacturing of high and low viscosity products
  • High speed bottle and tub packaging lines
  • Pouch and tubing filling equipment
  • Vision systems and OCR (character recognition systems)
  • Experience in all dosage forms from volumetric to flow-metered systems

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